Irv Lee (Irvin Lee) Mentoring the UK Private Pilot and South African PPL

Irv Lee Higherplane Aviation Training ltd

Mentoring the Private Pilot flying in the UK, EASA/NPPL Testing, Renewals & Validations, PPL Masterclasses, Radio Training & Testing, South African Vacation & Licensing advice, Consultancy and much more besides . . . . .

UK Flying and Training

Currently a CAA/EASA flight instructor / flight examiner available at any airfield/airstrip by invitation. Specialising in mentoring qualified private pilots in the UK, where-ever they originally trained.

Trained Abroad? Introduction to the UK lessons are another speciality - you probably have a number of questions, in fact, there are questions you don't realise you should ask! Even if you plan to fly at another airfield nearer your home, there's a huge difference between turning up at the rental organisation there never having flown in the UK and not even knowing the right terms, and turning up with some interesting UK flights already in your log book, and already 'talking the talk'.

Advert: EASA licence or not, the pre flying tips are the same, and lots of EASA/National confusions are sorted out with a Pre Preflight Checklist, the ideal safety addition to your flight bag. It also solves a big problem for friends/relatives who never know what to get you as a present. Get them to click on the link or the tag on the left for details and purchase. Orders usually delivered in under 2 working days, often next day if timings work out.

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